Gourmet dürüms at Basta Street Food Bar

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Gourmet dürüms at Basta Street Food Bar

A duo of starred-chefs reinvents Istanbul street food, especially its hallmark dish, the dürüm.

As a distant cousin of the shish kebab, the dürüm is a stuffed flatbread commonly eaten on the streets of Istanbul. At Basta Street Food Bar, two chefs have decided to lend it some cachet. From the outside, the restaurant does not look like traditional fast food joints. It has more to do with a bistro, showcasing a blue-tiled counter and clear-wood high stools. In this small space, the two chefs apply high cuisine techniques learnt from the greatest, like Paul Bocuse and Alain Passard, to street food. The meat used to fill the dürüm is being cooked for a long time to enhance its flavours. Choose kuzu, lamb chops with a paprika and harissa-based yoghurt sauce, or the vejetaryen, with asparagus, artichoke and hummus. After that, you will not see street food in the same light again.

Basta Street Food Bar
Caferağa Mahallesi
Sakız Sk. No:1
34710 Kadıköy/Istanbul

+90 216 414 08 65


Menu: around 42 TRY