Refund requests for tickets

Our refund department handles refund requests for tickets issued by Air France in Kuwait only.

Please check if your ticket has been issued by Air France : the ticket number begins with 057. Air France appears in the upper left-hand corner of the ticket under the mention "issuing carrier".
If another airline is mentioned, please submit your refund request to that carrier.
If a travel agency issued your ticket, please contact them directly to request a refund.
We remind you that only original documents are accepted (photocopies or faxes are not accepted), and we suggest that you retain photocopies for your records.

Lost Ticket

In order to apply for a refund on the basis of a lost ticket, please submit the following documents:

-A signed original lost ticket application. Applications may be obtained from an Air France ticket office.
-If the lost ticket was issued by a Travel Agent, please request a copy of the agency coupon and include it in your request.
-If a replacement ticket was purchased, please submit the corresponding original passenger receipt.

We remind you that an administrative fee will be assessed. Also, please be advised that there is a 6-month waiting period for this type of inquiry.


For downgrade fare adjustments, please mail us your original passenger receipt and original boarding card for the flight in question.

Denied Boarding Compensation

If you were denied boarding on an Air France flight and given a voucher as compensation, please visit our Ticket Office or mail the original coupon marked "coupon exchange" to our department.

Update and already received

If you wish to get an update on the status of your request:

Please call: +965 2471356/7/8.

If you already have received a written reply from the Refunds department:
To dispute the written response received from the Refund department, please mail your rebuttal with reference to the file number on the letter you received. A supervisor will re-examine your file and send you a written response within 4 weeks.

We would like to inform passengers wishing to submit a claim that due to an unexpected increase in activity, longer response times may be experienced. We are taking active measures to minimise delays, and apologize in advance for any inconvience this may cause.

Our contacts

Air France
C/O Boodai Aviation
Shouhada St.
P.O.Box 5798
Safat 13058 Kuwait

Phone: +965 2471356/7/8
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