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From Pau to Lourdes, between Béarn and the Bigorre region

Booking an airline ticket to Pau is setting off to discover an authentic area of the country, situated at the foot of the Pyrenees. A trip from Pau to Lourdes, passing by Tarbes unites the magic of two elements of scenery, those of Béarn and Bigorre.

A flight to Pau requires a visit to the castle of the city, a fortress perched high, overlooking the Gave at the heart of a quarter that has known how to preserve its picturesque charm. It was in this residence that saw the days of Henry the Fourth in the middle of the 16th century. A cult figure for the people of Pau, the monarch had a great appetite for gastronomy and loved to savour a chicken broth prepared in the Béarn style. Pau rightly finds itself at the whim of its charm, from its restaurants and walking spots to the hippodrome, in the greenery of Beaumont Park, or on the terraces of the boulevard of the Pyrenees, with an uninterrupted view over the hills and mountains.

A travel guide of Pau will invite you to discover all the riches of Béarn and beyond, like for example a getaway to the foothills of the Pyrenees, in particular towards the Pic du Midi and the city of Lourdes. The Marian city has been one of the holy places of Catholicism since 1858. Every year, several million pilgrims converge from all countries to discover the caves of Massabielle, Our Lady of the Rosary as well as around 20 other sanctuaries.

After booking a flight to Pau you will also be a stone's throw from Tarbes, the administrative centre of the High Pyrenees. The city of Tarbes is appreciated for the Moorish tower in the Massey Garden, its religious structures, its national stud farm and for the walks along the banks of the Adour. Tarbes is also valued for its cultural agenda (Festival Equestria, the Festival of Tarbes, etc.), its authentic and colourful markets and its culinary local and regional specialities, beans and sweet chestnuts amongst others, which it enhances.