The top 5 best kiteboarding spots

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The top 5 best kiteboarding spots

From the north-east of Brazil to the Seychelles, from the waves of South Africa to those of Portugal, satisfy your obsession for surfing on these famous stretches of water. Thrills guaranteed.

The top 5 best kiteboarding spots

Canoa Quebrada, the temple of kiteboarding in Brazil

Once you arrived under the Fortaleza sun, head for your dream destination, three hours away in Canoa Quebrada, a small village perched on a superb ochre-coloured cliff overlooking the ocean. There, surrender to the relaxed summery atmosphere.

Inconspicuously located 50 m away from the beach, the Colibri pousada will help you to destress. This traditional family-oriented guesthouse has a welcoming ambience. Begin your adventure with an invigorating mango juice by the pool and feel the trade winds blowing, caressing an endless sandy beach and the tops of the giant dunes.

Reassured by the presence of the wind, you can prepare your first trip out to sea with the kite surfing school based in your pousada. In recent years, Canoa Quebrada beach has become the new paradise in the state of Ceará for this increasingly popular board sport. Steady for a good part of the year, the wind reaches around 20 knots between August and December. Optimal conditions for practising your favourite sport.

With your equipment in your hand, head west away from the main beach. Beyond the restaurant Bom Motivo, the trade winds blow all along the shoreline. In no time at all, you have released your kite, jumped on your board and are gliding over turquoise water at a temperature of 27° C. Intoxicated by the speed, you sail upwind and steer for as long as possible.

On the following day, make your way to the other well-known spot in the region. In the warm air, you travel along endless beaches past beautiful cliffs. You can deploy your kit at the mouth of the River Jaguaribe. You will just adore kiteboarding at low tide on this little used stretch of water. On your return to Canoa Quebrada, enjoy the liveliness of the beach until sunset, and when evening comes, the locals dance together in the music bars on the street of Dragão do Mar.

Pousada Colibri
Toquinho, 2-22
Canoa Quebrada
CE, 62800-000
+55 88 3421-7403


The top 5 best kiteboarding spots

An unspoiled site in the vicinity of Porto

One half hour away from Porto, a tranquil seaside resort welcomes fans of board sports in search of unique sites. Eposende nestles amongst the pine forests of the Ofir peninsular which is home to kilometres of unspoiled dunes. On one side are the flat waters of the River Cávado, on the other the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Between May and October, the thermal winds sweep the north-west of Portugal, making it the perfect spot for kiteboarding in all its forms.

Before surrendering to the offshore wind, book in at the Parque do Rio for a few days. This comfortable hotel is set in the Ofir pine forest, a stone's throw away from the beach. After a strenuous day, you will appreciate being able to relax in its seawater pool.

Make your way to the Gokiteschool, the school of Marco Moreira, a former professional kite boarder, located in the port. Whether you are an experienced kiteboarder or a curious beginner, you can choose your instructor for a customised lesson. A zodiac boat will take you across the river to the take-off area. The open sea offers some extraordinary surfing conditions. You will quickly achieve some great thrills on this ultra-safe spot with the appearance of a lagoon, and confidently perform your first tacks in deeper waters.

Tomorrow, still in search of thrilling sensations, you set off to take on the waves for an increased adrenaline rush. And if there is no wind, you can even enjoy a mountain bike trip through the pine forest.

Parque do Rio
Caminho Padre Manuel de Sá Pereira
4740-405 Fão
+351 253 981 521

Centro de Atividades Náuticas
Forum Esposendens
4740-204 Esposende
+351 934 179 024


The top 5 best kiteboarding spots

A kiteboarding session on the Seychelles lagoon

If you dream of a stay by the sea in the languid atmosphere of a tropical beach, punctuated by several thrilling sporting interludes, why not fly off to the Seychelles. You are bound to be charmed by this unspoiled archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. Its 115 islands and islets scattered in the middle of the Indian Ocean all have beaches to die for. Two of these paradises are beginning to earn a reputation for kiteboarding. A strong wind blows through this region of the world between May and September, during the austral winter.

When you land at the airport on Mahé, the main island, you haven't far to go to find a dream location where you can indulge your passion. Jamelah Beach Guesthouse, a large white house surrounded by an exotic garden, stands on one of the most beautiful beaches in the area: Anse aux Pins. The turquoise lagoon calls to you with its incredibly warm waters. Relax on a sun lounger and enjoy the mildness of the air, and a cooling sea breeze.

The time has come to get out your board and your kite. You take off from the beach and cross this shallow, sandy-bottomed lagoon. The waters are a little choppy as you approach the coral reef, where you can try jumping over the wavelets.

After this special moment of freedom on the turquoise waters of Anse aux Pins, set off to explore the inland area of the island. The “Sans Soucis” road leads you through the forest and the tea plantations, then climbs higher, revealing majestic panoramic views of the idyllic coastline.

Jamelah Beach Guesthouse
+248 2 521 125


The top 5 best kiteboarding spots

Surfing the South African waves

All kiteboarding professionals spend the austral summer in the mild oceans of South Africa. Cape Town, the world capital of kiteboarding offers excellent wave and wind conditions. You will find the best place in the village of Muizenberg, 20 minutes away from the city centre. A particularly relaxed atmosphere pervades this haunt of artists and surfers. The site marks the start of the Cape Peninsula, a rocky massif in a dramatic setting, at the confluence of two oceans. Its geographic location in the crook of the large sandy False Bay exposes it to the strong oceanic swell which floods onto the beach. Large waves are guaranteed. From October to April, the wind generally blows between 13 and 18 knots in the morning and can reach 25 to 35 knots in the afternoon.

Patrice, a Frenchman and an early pioneer of the sport has been based in South Africa for fifteen years. He will welcome you warmly to his guesthouse, especially designed to accommodate keen kiteboarders. A holiday atmosphere reigns in this chalet facing the ocean, where you will live in a community with other passionate kiteboarders. The rooms are single or double, but all course participants share the kitchen, the barbecue area, the terrace and the garden.

Known locally under the name of “Flying Frenchman”, Patrice will instil his technical knowledge into you and take you to the best places for exciting kiteboarding sessions. With this expert instructor, beginners learn to master their kite and, gradually, to sail into the wind, while advanced kiteboarders will improve their jumps over high waves. A mind-blowing experience for all.

Kiteboarding by Patrice Hartmann
Cape Town
South Africa


The top 5 best kiteboarding spots

Introductory courses near Istanbul

After satisfying your thirst for culture in timeless Istanbul, an irresistible urge to enjoy the pleasures of the seaside will lead you to the Black Sea. To the north of the city, one half hour away from the frenzy of Istanbul, deep forests and long sandy beaches stand side-by-side. Make your choice and opt for Burç Beach in Gümüşdere, near the seaside resort of Kylios. Set on land belonging to the University of Bogazici, this watersports paradise features 2 km of golden sand opposite a sparkling sea.

During the summer season, soak in the good-natured atmosphere of families and students playing beach volleyball. Spend the first day lounging under a straw parasol, taking a few dips in the crystal-clear water and accompanying the engrossed domino players on the café terraces. At the weekend, when night falls, the music steps up a notch and the atmosphere becomes festive.

From tomorrow on, there's no more lazing around. Burç Beach has excellent wind conditions, ideal for kiteboarding. The site even hosted champions of the sport during the 2014 World Cup competition. Opt for sporting mode and register for a kiteboarding course at Istanbul Surf School. The school will provide you with the equipment, you just have to bring your towel and sun-cream! During your six-hour training, divided into three sessions, you will learn the basic techniques of this board sport. Once you have understood the safety instructions, you will quickly understand how to direct your kite into the wind window. Propelled by your kite over the surface of the water, your challenge now consists in mounting your board and controlling it…

Surf School Istanbul
Suma Beach
Gümüşdere Mah. Boğaziçi Kampus Yolu
34450 İstanbul
+90 534 396 40 50