Wish U Were Here, a lovely invitation

hot tip - hybrid hotel
Wish U Were Here, a lovely invitation

In this trendy inn, everyone from backpackers to businesspeople and families meet up around a delicious barbecue.

In the lively Woodstock neighbourhood, Wish U Were Here incarnates the new trend of crossing youth hostels with traditional hotels. You can choose your room from a variety of styles: with bunk beds (practical for a family) or a private room with a shared or a private bathroom. The hotel is full of imagination, and with good reason since a film designer handled the decoration. The 21 different rooms have everything from a boat-shaped bed to a mini-golf course. Chic or rustic, it's all up to you.

All rooms have recycled materials too. The owners wanted to create a unique experience and they have. They also included a braai, the famous South African traditional barbecue, where guests can meet and chat around the hot coals for a ‘warm' atmosphere.

Don't forget to pick up your meat at the Saturday morning Neighbourgoods Market! It's the perfect excuse to shop like a local.

Wish U Were Here
445 Albert Road
7925 Cape Town

+27 (0)21 447 0522


Rooms: from 345 ZAR