W Amman, all the way up seventh heaven

luxury - design
W Amman, all the way up seventh heaven

Gain some height and float in a relaxing bubble, over Amman's urban bustle.

When a building that high stands in front of you, it's impossible to look away. On the contrary, you keep your eyes up and admire the construct's sense of gigantism. You may also feel the curiosity to see it from inside. A 150-metre high skyscraper, the W Hotels newborn is entirely devoted to your well-being. Rooms, suites, Spa, swimming pool, restaurants… it has everything. The chic-modern decoration brings a relaxed and trendy feel. Areas are huge, surrounded by picture windows that enhance lighting effects. Enjoy the lounge spaces for a moment of calm, cocktail in hand, then pay a visit to one of the gastronomic restaurants - in which chefs only use local products and blend them with a lot of creativity. Relax at the spa, take a swim and move your hips on the dancefloor… Perched atop the W, you will feel Amman's heart beating like nowhere else!

W Amman
Rafiq Al Hariri Street Building 13
P.O. Box 5457
Amman 11953

+962 6 510 8888


Rooms: from 150 JOD