Vertigo Café, artist's rendezvous

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Vertigo Café, artist's rendezvous

At Café Vertigo, you will literally step back in time.

A quiet spot to sip a coffee, play old board games, or simply pass the time watching the ships pass across the wall tiles. The atmosphere could not be friendlier. Let your mind wander amid the tables, gilt mirrors, painted woodwork, and complex geometric patterns on the ceiling. When you return to reality, an abundant menu of multiple choices awaits: teas, coffees, pastries, snacks, and light meals (savoury tarts, daily specials, salads). When the end of the day approaches, a joyous crowd fills the café. It is the ideal place to make friends and discover the bohemian residents of Chiado.

Vertigo Café
Travessa do Carmo 4
1200-095 Lisboa

+351 (0)21 343 3112

Menu: around 10 EUR