Trek in Jordan

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Trek in Jordan

Jordan is a fantastic place for trekking. From the red sand dunes to the cliffs overlooking the vastness of the desert, the beauty will leave you transported.

Jordan was constructed around major migration routes. In the past, merchant caravans and pilgrims defied the heat and distance. Today trekkers continue this long tradition of trekking on the King's Highway, which begins at Heliopolis in Egypt, and goes through the Arabah before ending in the West Bank.
The Hashemite Kingdom offers a unique set of sumptuous and fascinating sites: the incredible archaeological wealth of Petra, the flamboyant desert of Wadi Rum, the warm Mediterranean Dana, and the abundant trails and routes that follow the footsteps of the Nabateans and Lawrence of Arabia.
If you do not feel sufficiently prepared physically for intense trekking, you can do a horseback or-even more exotic-an Arabian camel tour.