The Tsara Komba cultivates the pleasures of life

luxury ecolodge
The Tsara Komba cultivates the pleasures of life

This ecolodge, a member of the Eco-Luxury group, is settled in against the hills of the most beautiful island on the archipelago of Nosy Be.

Nestled into the green of the paradisiacal island of Nosy Komba, the Tsara Komba plunges you into the amazing biodiversity of Madagascar. Atop an extinct volcano known for its endemic plants, this luxury ecolodge finds itself in the heart of a botanical Garden of Eden, populated by hummingbirds and parrots. On a beach that sends off golden reflections, you can appreciate all the shades of the sapphire waters, which are populated by dolphins, turtles, and whales.

Its eight pavilions up against the hill exude an air of authentic wellness. The restaurant has a ‘slow food' attitude and promises the best choice of seasonal products—and it conducts balanced, fair trade with local producers. You will enjoy the sea bream as much as the swordfish, lobster, zebu fillets, or risotto in a sophisticated fusion cuisine offering such tantalizing dishes as barracuda pancakes marinated in pink berries stuffed with mango and wild dill, and served with a vinaigrette made from oranges with green rinds.

Tsara Komba Lodge
Nosy Be

+261 32 07 440 40

Rooms: from 1,158,000 MGA (3-night-stay minimum)