The Petra Kitchen: Jordanian cuisine

The Petra Kitchen: Jordanian cuisine

It is a small restaurant like no other, one of the few places where you can learn about, and, above all, enjoy authentic local cuisine.

The atmosphere is friendly, and the food could not be more authentic. Petra Kitchen, near Petra, is more than a restaurant-it is also offers cooking classes taught by two chefs who specialise in Jordanian cuisine. Upon arrival, everything is ready, and the menu displayed on a table.
In small groups, you will prepare starters such as lentil soup, hot and cold mezzes… The menu changes every day: one day, it will be the baba ghanoush (eggplant cream with tahini), the next some Fattoush (traditional raw vegetables salad) or some stir-fried spicy tomatoes. When all the cooking is done, the food is placed on a large table and all the students, clients, and staff help themselves. After tea, also prepared by guests, go home with the recipes and bring some of Jordan back to your own kitchen.

The Petra Kitchen
P.O. Box 40 Wadi Moussa
71810 Petra

+962 3 215 5900

Around 32 JOD