The One Pillar Pagoda: an architectural wonder

The One Pillar Pagoda: an architectural wonder

In the Ba Dinh district, in the west of Hanoi, the One Pillar Pagoda rising out of a pond symbolises a sacred lotus springing from an ocean of suffering.

This uniquely structured small Buddhist temple has become a symbol of the city. Originally built at the request of King Ly Thai To, this original wooden pagoda celebrates the goddess who brought him news of the birth of his son, presented on a lotus flower. This is why its original architecture evokes the sacred flower.

Built on a single pillar, the pagoda is surrounded by a lush, verdant Zen garden. It appears to float above the small pond, whose waters ripple with swimming carp. Destroyed in 1954 by a French bomb, the pagoda was rebuilt by the new Vietnamese government. Young couples seeking Buddha's blessing to have children bring offerings of fruit and incense to the altar inside.

One Pillar Pagoda
Chùa Môt Côt
Ba Dinh District
10000 Hanoï

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