The KUDéTA: you can't miss this one

The KUDéTA: you can't miss this one

It is impossible to stay in Antananarivo without dining at least once at KUDéTA! You go for the warm atmosphere and a meal that is 100% Malagasy.

KUDéTA is a very well-known restaurant and club in Tana where you go for a drink or for dinner with friends. With its fine wood decor, the restaurant pays tribute to the Madagascar of yesteryear while plugging into the Madagascar of today—the works of young Malagasy artists are regularly on display. In the evening, the atmosphere is warm, relaxed, and at times festive when musicians are engaged in an impromptu concert.

You move from the bar—where you can indulge in ceviche and crab rillettes—to a beautifully set table. There you will savour dishes made with fresh seasonal products. On the menu, where surf and turf options abound, you will hesitate between the duck from the highlands, the trio of grilled zebu fillets with wild mushrooms, and prawns served on a vanilla pod. In contrast, among the desserts, all are unanimous in selecting the house specialty: the Madagascar chocolate cake. A real treat!

15 rue de la Réunion
Antananarivo 101

+261 20 22 611 40

Menu: around 15,000 MGA