The jimjilbangs: dip into Korean traditions

traditional spa
The jimjilbangs: dip into Korean traditions

Abandon all ceremony, as one can only enter these baths in one's birthday suit.

Originally, Koreans went to jimjilbangs stone huts or halls where the temperatures rise to 120°C to purify themselves.

Today, these sweat lodges are an integral part of local life, with saunas and public baths, but also restaurants, gyms, and body treatment centres found within. There are thousands across the country, open round the clock every day of the year, and people come to either relax or hang out with their friends. At the heart of Seoul's Yongsan district, the Dragon Hill Spa offers an impressive choice. Forget all modesty: baths are separated for men and women, and nudity is not just appropriate, it's mandatory. Before jumping into one of the public baths,you enter the warmth of the Pine Wood Room (120°C) followed by the icy temperatures (5°C) of the Rock Icehouse. Do not hesitate to ask for a complete exfoliation treatment by an ajumma ‘aunt' in Korean.

Finish up in a fragrant meditation room shaped like an Egyptian pyramid, or a relaxation room with heated floor, and abandon yourself in complete serenity.

Dragon Hill Spa
40-713, Hangangno 3(sam)-ga

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