The Hotel Sakamanga: a wellness retreat

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The Hotel Sakamanga: a wellness retreat

In the Ampasamadinika-Isoraka district, the most dynamic of the capital, the Hotel Sakamanga reveals itself to be a calm, unique address.

Beyond the anonymous facade appears a patio embellished by a small tree-lined pool; here you have discovered the Hotel Sakamanga, a restful address in dynamic Antananarivo. Located in a privileged district, this charming hotel offers eclectic decoration—everything from a collection of guitars to artful Malagasy objects and even a mishmash of tools. The rooms are air-conditioned or with fans; mixed-and-matched locally made wooden furnishings and brightly coloured linens abound. When booking, ask for the rooms whose windows open onto the patio or have views of the capital. This is an original address where you will gladly set down your luggage for a break.

Hotel Sakamanga
Lot IBK7bis
Ratianarivo Ampasamadinika
Antananarivo 101

+261 20 22 358 09

Rooms: from 84,000 MGA