Superette, where the locavores eat

Superette, where the locavores eat

Cape Town's trendy restaurant where you can eat healthy and delicious foods.

Brought to you by Justin Rhodes and Cameron Munro, the two founders of the famous Neighbourgoods Market, this café brings you the farm-to-table goodness of many of the market purveyors, meaning if you come on a Saturday morning (market day), you can shop for your cake and eat it too...

You will delight in the atmosphere at the Superette, with its Brooklyn vibe and decor: polished concrete floors, exposed brick walls, and white tiles, not to mention the touch offered by canary yellow chairs bright enough to rival the South African sun. Good humour is evident on every face, even though some of the other guests may be hiding behind computers, making the most of their carryout work.

On your plate, fresh and seasonal products are the stars, from a mix of crunchy salads and prepared sandwiches to small homemade dishes. Rhodes and Munro have helped Woodstock get out of the shadows, and now they have also opened the What If the World contemporary art gallery nearby. Superette is ideal for breakfast, when you can dive into the honey taken directly from the hive, or for lunch, alongside other late risers.

66 Albert Road
7915 Cape Town

+27 (0)21 802 5525

Menu: around 95 ZAR