Strøget: Copenhagen's shopping street

Strøget: Copenhagen's shopping street

Strolling the longest pedestrian street in the country is the best way to enjoy its numerous shops.

Strøget is the longest pedestrian street in Denmark, and when it opened, was the longest in Europe. It is a necessary stop if you want to window shop. Originally designed to relieve congestion in the Danish capital, the shopping street is for pedestrians and pedestrians only, and in a city where cycling is ubiquitous, this is an important detail.

Stretching over more than a kilometre, it is hard not to find something among the many decoration and fashion shops, from international brands (e.g. Benetton, Zara, Vera Moda), to local labels (e.g. Gina Knitting, a competitor of H&M).

As a family, the Lego shop is well worth the visit. The well-known Danish toy brand opened a shop in 2010 where, advised by a smiling staff, you can admire giant representations of Copenhagen and acquire, thanks to the 'Pick a Brick' wall, any piece individually. An ideal opportunity to revisit childhood.

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