Si Laa Thai: the Kingdom of Siam opens its doors

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Si Laa Thai: the Kingdom of Siam opens its doors

This Asian restaurant is acclaimed for the beautifully fragrant subtleties of its menu.

With its cosy, pretty lights, white tablecloths, and delicate floral compositions, the serene atmosphere is very conducive to friendly dinners. The menu stays the course with exotic traditional Thai flavours.

The service is impeccable and attentive. The wait staff offers suggestions and any advice you might need. This refined restaurant, worthy of Bangkok itself, has managed to forge a solid reputation in this hamburger-lover's paradise.

Ideally accompanied by a glass of Californian merlot or a finely foamed Singha beer, marinated chicken with cashew nuts, short ribs of beef braised in green coconut served with sugar snap peas or Asian eggplant sautéed with garlic, Thai basil, bell peppers and jalapeño charm the palate. For a change of pace, lovers of spicy food will be delighted with the red curry or the Pad Thai.

Si Laa Thaï
1128 South Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

+1 310 858 7738

Menu: around 30 USD