Selman, Morocco's soul unveiled

Selman, Morocco's soul unveiled

This hotel run by a Moroccan family is a favourite amongst demanding travellers, as nearby palaces have nothing on the Selman.

The art of entertaining has always been nurtured in Morocco. As such, the Selman Marrakech hotel run by the Bennani Smires family stands as a proud ambassador. 55 suites, 5 riads and three outdoor pools – one of which is 88 yards long.
Inside, you can enjoy the elegant décor designed by Jacques Garcia, both modern and imprinted with Moroccan heritage. In the common areas you will be taken by the horse sculptures and by the beauty of the horses galloping semi-freely in the green meadows of the estate. The stud farm is home to stunning full breads and brings real authenticity to the place. If you're not staying here, know that the Sunday brunch is open to outside guests. When contemporary elegance flirts with traditions.

Selman Marrakech
Km 5 route d'Amizmiz
40160 Marrakech

+212 524 45 96 00

Rooms: from 3,500 MAD