Ryugin Taipei, gastronomic meal in a starred restaurant

Ryugin Taipei, gastronomic meal in a starred restaurant

This zen restaurant in Taipei is run by starred-chef Seiji Yamamoto. It offers a menu that gives Taiwan gastronomy pride of place.

Sister restaurant of Tokyo's Nihonryori Ryugin, winner of three Michelin stars, Ryugin Taipei retains the spirit of chef Seiji Yamamoto while distancing itself from the parent establishment. In a zen atmosphere where wood prevails, it offers a single menu with about ten courses, based on local and seasonal products, the origin of which is even indicated for extra traceability.
In the kitchen, Ryohei Hieda, who trained with chef Yamamoto, sublimates Taiwanese products and recipes, creating subtle alliances of flavours and artistic display. The food and first-growth wine pairing (also available with tea and sake) magnifies the whole meal. At Ryugin Taipei, quality reaches new heights: the Michelin guide just awarded it a second star.

RyuGin Taipei
Lequn 3rd Road, 301
Zhongshan District

+886 2 8501 5808


Menu: 6,500 TWD