Royale Eatery, king of the burger… and vegetarian cuisine

Royale Eatery, king of the burger… and vegetarian cuisine

The Royale Eatery collects awards! On the programme: succulent meat as well as vegetarian dishes, brownies and a roof terrace. Indulge yourself!

Red meat lovers, here you are served! The Classic Royale (a 160g pure beef patty in their delicious basting sauce, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion and gherkins) patiently awaits you at the Royale Eatery.

This restaurant located in the centre of Cape Town does not skimp on its offering: over 50 varieties of burgers, including ostrich. Open carnivores and vegetarian-friendly, the team proudly offers a selection of vegetarian dishes – one of the largest in the country. You will not be able to resist their Zelig, homemade sesame encrusted falafel patty topped with a crunch salsa and hummus.

After the meal, drag yourself through the hustle and bustle to reach the roof terrace. There you will sip a light cocktail before facing the other pleasures of very lively Long Street. Unless you opt for the bar where, with any luck, you will be surprised by the hectic rhythm of a live band.

Royale Eatery
273 Long Street
8001 Cape Town

+27 (0)21 422 4536

Menu: around 152 ZAR