Panoply of flavours at Mano Rota

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Panoply of flavours at Mano Rota

Among the chefs who stir things up on Barcelona's gastronomic scene, Mano Rota's Bernat Bermudo surprises with small creative plates, with a mix of Catalan and Japanese-Peruvian influences.

With one foot in Catalonia and the other between Asia and Latin America, Mano Rota is a Barcelona restaurant like no other, blending culinary traditions and nikkei influences (fusion of Japanese and Peruvian gastronomies) to create totally unique propositions. In an industrial décor with exposed red brick walls, you will directly sit at the wooden counter and observe chef Bernat Bermudo's dance, steering clear from conventional three-course meals in favour of a multitude of small plates.

Indulge in a variety of flavours, all depending on the season: nikkei tuna tartare, marinated liver and Nori toast, gyozas stuffed with fricando (beef-based Catalan recipe), lamb yellow curry or octopus in pesto with a shiso twist (an Asian herb). Those who crave new sensory experiences will go for a “blind menu”. Just tell the chef about possible allergies and let the surprise hit you!

Mano Rota
Carrer de la Creu dels Molers 4
08004 Barcelona

+34 931 648 041

Menu: around 50 EUR