Old school beer at Fischman Public House

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Old school beer at Fischman Public House

In an almost century-old Chicago building, discover Fischman Public House, a branch of the liquor manufacturer of the same name. A beer bar that mixes tradition and modernity.

From the outside, the structure of the place makes Fischman Public House a perfect example of Chicago's old school bars, with large picture windows – reminiscent of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks – exposed red brick facade and walls as well as red and black furniture… In the back of the room behind the counter, your eyes will immediately be drawn by the colourful street art fresco that showcases an angry unicorn and Poseidon's head amidst rough waters.
More than 80 years old, Fischman is first and foremost a distillery. In its new hybrid location blending tavern and specialised shop, Fischman Public House's goal is to unite old and new. The beer bar section now welcomes patrons for local tastings – to be enjoyed in moderation. The pineapple and mango-flavoured Wah Wah or the Indiana old fashioned Lazer Snake will best be paired with a selection of snacks to die for.

Fischman Public House
4058 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60641

+1 773 867 6300


Menu: beer from 6 USD