Nighttime tastings at the Shilin market

Nighttime tastings at the Shilin market

A spicy trip to stir your senses without splurging: discover the best food in Taiwan.

Traditions go back to 1904 in this unique market. Entirely renovated and enlarged with a new covered section in 2012, Shilin draws a striking picture of a maze of stalls, coming alive at night. This will be the perfect place to find all sorts of goods, but also the best in local popular food. The stalls are brimming with fried dishes, chow mein and kebabs consisting in delicious meats. Stroll about an alley dedicated to confectionery and other sugary refinements, and indulge in the local dessert: the aiyu jelly. This typically Taiwanese treat, made of fig seeds, is best served with a lemon juice. Two other specialities of the market can be found on the little stalls of the main alley: pork fritters with onions, and oyster omelettes! The most adventurous will try the famous “stinky tofu”, fermented in brine. Kids love it, but the smell and taste are indeed worthy of its name!

Shilin market
Between Danong Road, Danan Roard and Wenlin Road (outside the JianTan metro station)
Shilin District

+886 2 2349 1635