Museu do Azulejo, a staple of Portuguese culture

Museu do Azulejo, a staple of Portuguese culture

The stunning setting of this old convent and its incredible mosaic collection are sure to please.

From the lightest to the darkest blue, azulejos, the local tiles decorated with patterns, are ubiquitous in Portugal, on the walls of buildings, inside houses... They tell the story of, and have left their mark on, the country's architecture and heritage. To understand all their intricacies, pay a visit to this gorgeous museum in the cloister of the former convent of Madre de Deus, founded in 1506. The 7,000 pieces, which come from Portugal but also the Arab world and Flanders, give an overview of the evolution of the ceramic tile art from the Renaissance to its adaptation of the most modern techniques. Give yourself time to admire the gigantic mural mosaic, nearly 25m long, of Lisbon before the giant earthquake of 1755.

Museu Nacional do Azulejo
Rua da Madre de Deus 4
1900-312 Lisboa

+351 21 810 0340