Mozzabella, true Bologna pizza

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Mozzabella, true Bologna pizza

After Roman and Neapolitan pizzas, welcome the Bologna counterpart! Mozzabella creates original associations and toppings.

On Pratello Street in Bologna, the small red sign attracts an eclectic clientele, with one common point: they all love pizza. Mozzabella is the first Bolognese pizza brand, drawing inspiration from Neapolitan margherita but changing the dough being used (with a choice of whole wheat, einkorn wheat etc…) and offering a rectangular version of the Italian classic. The young and creative staff values Italian skills and products, using suppliers from the Emilia-Romagna region. In the entrance, the various ingredients - all organic - being used are displayed on shelves, meaning that if you've had a crush on that burrata, you will be able to buy some at the restaurant's deli corner. On the menu, a dozen seasonal offerings take centre stage, sometimes with unexpected toppings, like this pumpkin-gorgonzola mix. Also serving slices, Mozzabella is a perfect spot for a snack, or if you feel like trying multiple recipes at once!

Via del Pratello 65/B
40122 Bologna

+39 051 550 506

Menu: pizza from 10 EUR