Moroccan pastries: very sugary temptations

Moroccan pastries: very sugary temptations

Time has come to be… gluttonous! Follow us in our crazy Moroccan treats marathon. We found their headquarters.

Tradition asks that mint tea be served three times: The first glass is as gentle as life, The second is as strong as love, The third is as bitter as death. In order to get passed the bitterness, it is recommended to have a Moroccan pastry with the third glass – or, let's go crazy with the first and second. Usually made of almonds, orange blossom and honey and therefore very sugary, they will make you crave for some more...
Since 1985, Hakima Alami owns what is generally considered the best bakery in Marrakech. Al Jawda, in the Guéliz district, is brimming with exquisite makroudhs, crispy kaab el Ghazal (gazelle horns), bewitching chocolate creations and honey cigar rolls. The unconventional entrance is enticing and surprising, luring you with orange and sugar scents that will kindle your appetite. No-holds-barred food spree!

Al Jawda bakery – Chez Mme Alami
11 rue de la Liberté
40000 Marrakech

+212 524 43 38 97