Lokanga: French and Malagasy cuisine

Lokanga: French and Malagasy cuisine

This former 1930s home was transformed into a hotel and restaurant renowned for its excellent Franco-Malagasy cuisine.

The Lokanga is located on the heights of Tana near the Queen's Palace. It has a magnificent view of the city-particularly at night-so book for dinner, and if you go for the first time, take a taxi, as the road is winding and hard to find. Once here you can opt for the zebu burger with foie gras marinated in rum, which sums up the spirit of the menu-French cuisine the Malagasy way. Other typical dishes include romazava seafood, a pot-au-feu with leafy local vegetables, or maskitas with zebu peanut sauce. Let yourself be tempted by the baobab duck or butter chicken-you will rarely have such a culinary experience. The same theme is found even in the desserts, with red rice pudding in milk flavoured with cinnamon and cardamom...

Lokanga Boutique Hotel
Lot VW 115
Antananarivo 101

+261 32 03 530 71


Menu: around 60,000 MGA