Learn about Taoist and Buddhist rites at Lungshan Temple

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Learn about Taoist and Buddhist rites at Lungshan Temple

Rebuilt several times, the gorgeous monument is to be found in the Wanhua historic district.

Originally built during the 17th century, the temple has suffered earthquakes, typhoons and bombings. After each tragic episode, a meticulous period of reconstruction brought Lungshan back to life, and it is now a Taiwanese worship favourite.
You can freely walk around, or ask for a guided tour, which will be precious to distinguish what relates to Taoism and to Buddhism. Several local superstitions overlapse with traditional rites and you will note the presence of a hundred different gods in the temple. For instance, you can gaze at beautiful statues of Matsu, the goddess of sea, and Guan Dong, god of war and riches. Lungshan mainly worships Guanvin, the goddess of mercy. Very popular, she is said to heal all illnesses according to the myth. Monks gather to sing early in the morning and then at 5 p.m., which makes it an ideal moment to visit the temple.

Lungshan Temple
N° 211, Guangzhou Street
Wanhua District

+886 2 2302 5162