Lake Tahoe: a weekend in the green

Lake Tahoe: a weekend in the green

Since everyone heads to Yosemite, opt to avoid the crowds and head to Tahoe for some fishing, boating, and relaxing on one of the most beautiful lakes in America.

Mark Twain called this lake ‘the most beautiful place the earth affords' adding that the air was ‘the same air as the angels breathe.' At 250 kilometres from San Francisco, near the California border with Nevada, Lake Tahoe is considered the most magical lake in the United States. Its water is so transparent that it perfectly reflects the sky, making it a unique and beautiful emerald blue. Mountains rising to 3,000 metres surrounded it, and in the winter you can ski at Heavenly or Northstar California resorts.

In summer, whether on foot, by bike, or on horseback, you can follow the 266 kilometres of trails. Some sections show the paths followed by either the Washoe Indians, the first pioneers, or Basque shepherds. If you do not have the time or energy for a long adventure, know that the chair lifts provide access to various hiking areas.

From its shore, you can indulge in some sailing, paddling, and kayaking. Or hang your hat at Emerald Bay and rent a trapper's cabin. In the evening, in a plaid shirt and a Stetson, you can grill your rainbow trout with a wink at John Wayne.