La Sqala: a Moorish café overlooking the sea

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La Sqala: a Moorish café overlooking the sea

In the old fortress of a sultan, the café-restaurant La Sqala has a magical location. And its gourmet menu is full of nice surprises.

Facing the harbour and overlooking the medina, this fortified 18th-century stronghold is one of the last vestiges of Sultan Sidi Ben Abdellah, who transformed Casablanca. Completely restored, the fort is majestic. This seaside restaurant, with its Moorish facade of ochre and blue, makes you want to embark on an adventure. Two large cannons have been placed on either side of the entrance's sculptured door, and, inside, the decor is magical: a genuine Andalusian garden of oriental perfumes.

The French-Moroccan menu, worthy of the surroundings, is to be enjoyed on the shaded terrace or in the restaurant, which opens onto the exterior. The brunch and breakfast are delicious, as are the house specialties: tagine and grilled fish. During the day, there is nothing nicer than sitting under the shady fig tree, near the Andalusian fountain, sipping a fruit cocktail or a mint tea. And the service? Impeccable.

La Sqala
Boulevard des Almohades
20250 Casablanca

+212 522 26 09 60

Menu: around 180 MAD