Hôtel Parc Beaumont: a boat in the grass

Hôtel Parc Beaumont: a boat in the grass

Upon your arrival, you will feel in harmony with this modern hotel that has preserved a quality of life rooted in authenticity.

With its balconies running along the facade like corridors, this hotel has a touch of the ocean liner about it that invites dreams of travel. Resolutely contemporary, the rooms look out on either the gardens or on Trespoey, the most popular area of Pau for its beautiful mansions. Situated on the border of the Parc Beaumont, a garden of Eden in the historical centre of Pau, the hotel feels in harmony with its environment.

In the provinces, space is not a luxury but a matter of course, so the rooms here cultivate generosity and functionality. Everything has been designed to facilitate your stay. If you are interested in 1930's style, you will appreciate it even more.

Several lounges are reserved for your meetings. Each is located on the ground floor or first floor, open to the outside through large windows. Relax in the spa, which cultivates beauty with its French Carita treatments. For here, "natural luxury" is a way of life.

Hôtel Parc Beaumont
1 avenue Édouard VII
64000 Pau

+33 (0)5 59 11 84 00


Rooms: from 168 EUR