Hollywood's secret stairs: off the beaten track

Hollywood's secret stairs: off the beaten track

Only true insiders know about this very original walking tour, which includes 40 staircases, thousands of steps and tens of kilometres… An ingenious fitness program during your holiday.

Hidden from view, these pedestrian stairways and bridges have connected certain hills of Los Angeles since the days before cars existed. One of them starts at Robinson Street. Seven hundred steps await those who make the climb up to Silver Lake, which entered cinematic history with The Music Box, a Laurel and Hardy film that won an Oscar in 1932.

Towards the Pacific Palisades, there is another walking tour of invigorating height that offers great views of the ocean. Walk until you reach rescue station # 2 on the pedestrian path that goes over the Pacific Coast Highway.

It takes 508 stairs to do the whole circuit from Castelmare Drive to Rosetano Road via Revello Drive. Take a picture of the extraordinary Getty Villa, an architectural symbol of the excesses of Hollywood's golden years.