Hao Noodle, the noodle king

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Hao Noodle, the noodle king

Already present on 6th Avenue, the restaurant doubled down in the Chelsea district.

Hao Noodle has a reputation for excellence when it comes to Chinese dishes, with a large choice of deep-fried noodles and delicious dim sum. For its new address on 14th Street, the menu changes and gives grilling pride of place. Similar to the experience you would have on a Chinese street, you will be able to enjoy chicken, pork, calamari and even quail eggs skewers. Vegetarians will similarly enjoy themselves with grilled eggplant, mushrooms and peppers. Most dishes being prepared are Shanghai specialities. Let the menu guide you, as it describes the contents of each noodle bowl. Pay attention to the small hot pepper logo, indicating the level of spiciness for each dish. And if you are craving more daring Chinese cuisine, do not hesitate and try a Hao Noodle special like the hawthorn berry jam served with avocado.

Hao Noodle
343 W 14th St
10014 New York, NY

+1 646 882 0059


Menu: around 26 USD