Getaway to the Shifen waterfall

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Getaway to the Shifen waterfall

Take a break in the midst of nature yet close to the capital for an astounding trek!

The route to the Shifen waterfall is among Taipei locals' favourite excursions. Nature has been preserved and offers an ideal contrast with the megalopolis. The site is easy to reach with public transportation leaving from the city centre. You will have 20 more minutes to walk to destination, through the typical old streets of the Shifen village, once at the forefront of coal exploitation. A museum and the old freight train still witness of this era.
For your trek, follow the marked paths of the recommended itinerary leading to the waterfall. 20-metre high and 40-metre wide, it makes for an astounding landscape in all seasons with a symphony of breathtaking green tones.
Without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary attractions there remain the crossing of the suspended bridge leading to the waterfall. There is no way to describe the sensation! Try it out!

Shifen waterfall
New Taipei City
Pingxi District

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