French-Vietnamese stopover at The Clover

French-Vietnamese stopover at The Clover

In Hanoi's Long Biên neighbourhood, The Clover At Ngoc Thuy offers a French-inspired menu with a few Vietnamese influences.

Surrounded by a large green garden, this big white house with turquoise shutters looks impressive, displaying French colonial-style architecture. There, on the banks of the Red River, The Clover invites you to make yourself comfortable. The majestic aspect of the facade is mirrored inside the dining room, where you will find a piano and a real fireplace. If you feel like it, climb up to the rooftop: in a lounge setting, you will enjoy the panorama over Hanoi's skyline and the historic Long Biên Bridge with a drink in hand – to sip on in moderation. Back in the main area, you will be pleasantly surprised by a menu that displays innovative and contemporary French dishes, inspired by traditional recipes. A few Vietnamese touches have been added to the mix, with the use of typical spices. Try the fried duck liver with cuttlefish ink, the grilled pigeon served with mashed marrow in vanilla, or the fillet of turbot with mashed vegetables and passion fruit. These unexpected and elegant pairings will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

The Clover At Ngoc Thuy
Số 14 Ngõ 53 Ngọc Thụy
Ngọc Thụy
Long Biên
10000 Hanoi

+84 24 39 69 63 33 

Menu: around 555,000 VND