For rock and country music, Georgetown is the place

For rock and country music, Georgetown is the place

Political and administrative capital, Washington also knows how to have fun, as evidenced by the many clubs and bars in the city.

A rumour long suggested that Washington was boring. How wrong! Many bars and clubs do exist. The popular 9:30 Club is probably the best place in town to listen to cutting-edge rock and pop. Since opening in 1980, before moving in 1996 to larger premises, it has seen all the great names in music. Blues Alley has hosted every great blues and jazz legend, including Dizzy Gillespie.
Back in the day, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong played the Bohemian Caverns. You will especially find nightlife in young and hip Georgetown, the city at its most vibrant. This is where you have to venture if you care to party after a day of visits through Washington's most beautiful museums and monuments.

9:30 Club
815 V St NW
Washington DC 20001

+1 202 265 0930