Cristo Redentor: a wonder of the world

Cristo Redentor: a wonder of the world

Overlooking Rio, the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer reveals to all who visit him the most magical views of the city.

On top of the Corcovado Mountain stands one of the most famous statues in the world. Measuring 38 meters high and weighing nearly 1,200 tones, the work of French sculptor Paul Landowski is perched 700 meters above sea level.

To get there, there are several possibilities. The simplest way is to take the little red train, whose climb through the rainforest takes about 20 minutes. If you have time, stop at the Museu Internacional de Arte Naif (MIAN), the outsider-art museum, and at the colonial square in Largo do Boticário, both worth a visit. Other options are by car or on foot (count two and a half hours and several bottles of water) to a point of embarkation that will lead you to the top.

Once there, the Cristo Redentor rises before your eyes, and the great views of Rio's Maracanã stadium, Sugarloaf Mountain, the Jardim Botânico, Ipanema, and Leblon, make you quickly forget the trouble it took to get there.

Cristo Redentor
Parque Nacional da Tijuca
Alto da Boa Vista
Rio de Janeiro

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