Chuan Ban, a spicy-tasting escapade

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Chuan Ban, a spicy-tasting escapade

Awarded the best Sichuan restaurant in Beijing in 2011, the Chuan Ban promises some spicy tastes.

If you are an enthusiast of Sichuan cuisine, known for its very spicy savours, this place is for you! Atypical dishes are offered such as si ji dou, dried and fried spicy green beans, or the dan dan noodles in red pepper oil, Sichuan mustard leaves and minced meat. If your mouth is not yet on fire, try the very popular spicy beef, not to mention the huajiao, the famous steak with pepper.

Gauge the seasoning level on the menu with the number of stars next to the dish. If you have a delicate palate and a fragile stomach, opt for sautéed mushrooms and a mix of vegetables, or the braised pork belly. The restaurant is often full, and reservations are not accepted. We recommend arriving before 6 p.m. or after 8 p.m.

Chuan Ban
5 Gongyuan 1st Alley
Dongcheng Qu

+86 (0)10 6512 2277

Menu: around 40 CNY