Christiana: the Utopia of the 1970s

Christiana: the Utopia of the 1970s

Visit Christiana, and become aware of another way of life.

'To live happily, live hidden' is a principle followed to the letter by the Christiana community, which prohibits photos within its walls. Christiana is a city within a city, a refuge of creation and alternative culture.

It is because they felt on the margins of society that the founders had the idea in 1971 to build Christiana, which they established in an abandoned military barracks. Today, the 'free city' enjoys a special status as a ‘social experiment'. Specifically, it operates on a self-management system that applies to politics (approximately 1,000 people vote their own laws), but also to water, electricity, waste, education, and culture... Ditto for the symbols: Christiana has its own flag, its own currency, and its own anthem, 'I kan ikke slå ihjel' (You cannot kill us!).

The third most popular tourist destination, after the Little Mermaid and Tivoli Gardens, Christiana surprises with its anarchic and bohemian atmosphere, so feel free to admire the ubiquitous street art, to contribute to the survival of the city by purchasing handicrafts, and to stroll about in this unusual and very green setting.

1440 København K