Central Park: the lungs of Manhattan

Central Park: the lungs of Manhattan

Make the most of the legendary 350-hectare Central Park with a relaxing walk, a romantic sunset, or a gastronomic picnic in the heart of uptown Manhattan.

Central Park is the most visited park in the United States. This immense green space in the heart of the city, 4 km long and 800 metres wide, has been the setting for many films and is part and parcel of the New York myth. Natural space par excellence, Central Park offers a variety of landscapes: lakes, hills, boulders, 24,000 trees, 250 species of birds and rare plants, all surrounded by the buildings and skyscrapers of Uptown. A space for both relaxation and culture, Central Park has always been a key location for sports in the Big Apple: running, cycling, skating, tennis, baseball, and soccer all take place here.

The park offers many must-see sites: the zoo, Belvedere Castle, the Mall, the Ramble, the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, without forgetting the Summer Shakespeare in the Park Festival during the months of June and July. The lake has the beautiful Loeb Boathouse, where you can have a great meal after you've rented a boat for $15 an hour (between April and November).

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