Bongeunsa: peaceful haven for 1,200 years

Bongeunsa: peaceful haven for 1,200 years

A sphere of serenity in the heart of the Gangnam district, Bongeunsa temple takes you to the crossroads of Buddhist and Korean heritages.

More than just a religious shrine, Bongeunsa is full of pagodas, Buddhas, and other hidden treasures. Visiting the temple, where thousands of ceiling lanterns illuminate the incredibly meticulous artistic details etched into the walls, is a dizzying journey through Korean culture and history. Admire the paintings dating back centuries in the main lodge, enjoy the tea ceremony, rejuvenate yourself in the fresh air of the gardens, and finish facing the gigantic Buddha statue.

The ambience is serene, infused with fragrant aroma of tea and punctuated by the sound of the drums that accompany prayers this is a great escape beyond time and space. Let yourself be caught up in the culture seon, or ‘zen' of this mystical place. For those who want to push the Buddhist experience to its peak, the temple offers the opportunity to sleep there for one night and follow the monastic routine.

Bongeunsa Temple
531 Bongeunsa-ro

+82 (0)2 3218 4800