A ski resort in the city

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A ski resort in the city

Creating a mountain on the roof of a waste treatment centre. Such is the crazy concept of CopenHill, where you can ski, trek and climb.

Denmark is known for being a pretty flat land. So, imagine the surprise when an urban mountain sprung out in the heart of Copenhagen. Rest assured, there is no magic involved: this installation named CopenHill is actually the rooftop of… a power station, which produces electricity and hot water by burning recycled materials. This incredibly bold project, turning the roof of a waste treatment centre into a playful walkway, now gives locals the opportunity to go down ski slopes, use climbing walls, hiking trails and various other public spaces.

All year long, enthusiastic riders enjoy the second highest Danish skiing area. In the summer, families wander amid picturesque landscapes, with unobstructed views over the artificial islands and wind turbines, whereas budding archers cordially compete in harmless battles, while committed climbers face nothing less than the tallest wall of Northern Europe.

Vindmøllevej 6
2300 København S

+45 51 94 19 20