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Zurich, authentic and unforgettable

Reserve your plane ticket to Zurich and discover a rich cultural heritage in a peaceful atmosphere. Bursting with the charms and wealth of Switzerland, this financial centre is perfect for a pleasant stay.

If Zurich is particularly appreciated for its dynamism and luxury boutiques, its historical center and various districts have preserved the charms of a medieval city, especially in the streets of the Niederdorf. A typically swiss architecture where the streets and alleys are punctuated with restaurants and shops. A chance to discover local produce in a serene city on a human scale.

A flight to Zurich is the promise of a perfect destination for family or romantic excursions on Zurich lake or the Limmat river. In summer take advantage of the well-equipped swimming pools by the river, but also bathing in the lake. The Utoquai baths are a must: wooden bathing area located on the right bank of Zurich lake, offering an unusual and invigorating bathing experience !

Your Zurich tourist guide will also recommend a climb up the Uetliberg, a hill which culminates at over 800 meters in altitude, commanding breathtaking views over the city and surrounding areas. Water, city, mountains: the Zurich panorama is typically swiss and the cultural wealth pervading the alley ways of the old quarter confirms this impression. From the museums (fine art, Swiss history), old buildings (Fraumünster church), to the prestigious stores and luxury boutiques of the Bahnhofstrasse.

Too calm ? A plane ticket to Zurich can also be synonymous of a trend surfing trip in a city which offers a whole array of reputed night spots, particularly in its renewed west side which benefits from an avant guard image.