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Venice, romantic charm

Charming, amazing, beautiful Venice, listed as a World Heritage Site. Teeming with culture and overflowing with riches, the italian city on the lagoon needs no introduction. Book a plane ticket to Venice, the city of Vivaldi, and let yourself be enchanted its melody.

At your disposal in all the hotels, the free Venice travel guide Ospite di Venezia, will invite you to discover this legendary destination in the best possible conditions. Unless you prefer to follow your instincts and get lost in its maze of narrow streets and canals. Allow yourself to be swept away by the charm of the Serenissima. A flight to Venice inevitably leads to St. Mark's Square and the elegant buildings that line it. The Basilica, the symbol of the link between Venice and Constantinople, encompasses a rich mix of styles from Byzantine and Islamic to Renaissance and Gothic. Climb to the top of the Campanile and enjoy the unique panorama. End your tour of the square by visiting a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic, the Doge's Palace. Afterwhich you can head to the nearby Bridge of Sighs. You will of course take a trip on a gondola to admire from the waters all the charm of mysterious Venice. Go off the beaten track and explore the relatively unknown districts of Cannaregio and Castello, which have kept an authentic air of times gone by.

Take advantage of a flight to Venice to immerse you in its amazing art collections. The Chiesa Santa Maria dei Frari houses the works of Titian and Bellini. Whilst temporary exhibitions of contemporary art are regularly held in the Palazzo Grassi. As for the monumental church of Santa Maria della Salute, it plays host to the sublime painting The Wedding at Cana by Tintoretto. After dark, head for the Rialto neighbourhood to taste and enjoy the Venetian lifestyle, starting with its culinary specialities.