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Sao Paulo, Brazil and much more

In Sao Paulo, a whirlwind of experiences awaits you! The economic capital of Brazil is home to an astounding cultural diversity, unparalleled elsewhere in South America. Simply book a flight to Sao Paulo to get peace of mind !

Nineteen million inhabitants, skyscrapers as far as the eye can see : a flight to Sao Paulo truly takes off as soon as it touches down. In the first city of South America, the vastness of the landscape contrasts sharply with the hospitality and eagerness of Paulistanos, always ready to show travellers the best parts of their city. With 110 museums and over 400 cinemas and theatres, Sao Paulo has something to captivate its 15 million annual visitors. For dining, no experiences are excluded… Lebanese, Nepalese, Ethiopian, and much, much more : the variety of its 12,500 restaurants brings together all the different cuisines of the world, the result of several waves of migration which make up the wealth of the city. Brazilian cuisine, of course, takes the lion's share, and popular desserts such as carne pastels, bolinhos de bacalhau or coxinhas remain the preferred choice of Brazilians to accompany a caipirinha amongst friends at nightfall.

Make the most out of your flight to Sao Paulo to attend a global event such as the Biennial of Contemporary Art, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Brazil, the Book Biennial, Fashion Week, New Year's Eve, gay pride, and of course the Carnival. Carnival in Sao Paulo is brought to life by its incredible public participation: in this city which never seems to sleep, the blocos parades echo late at night in Bixiga, the samba school neighbourhood, or in Vila Madalena, one of the epicentres of night-life in Sao Paulo.