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Panama, a city between two worlds

Founded in the early years of Spanish colonisation in 1519, Panama declared very early on its role as a link between continents. Book a flight to Panama to discover a different city, multicultural, lively and surprising, a real rare gem of Central America.

Walking through the old colonial district of Ciudad Vieja, an antiquated poetry surrounds you. The maze of colourful squares and narrow streets is testament to the richness of what was once the first Pacific Spanish port. A capital of the country of the same name, the city was shaken up by the construction of the Panama Canal, completed in 1914. It came under the control of Panamanians from 1999, and it is now the main source of wealth for the city. The canal provides visitors with an amazing show, with around forty ships crossing it daily, visible from Panama City, set by its mouth on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Panama has also become a major financial centre: demonstrated by the imposing « skyline » of skyscrapers. Skyscrapers have earned the city the nickname « Panamanhattan » because its resemblance to New York is baffling! If the gigantic constructions surprise you during a first trip to Panama, the city offers many other architectural influences, Spanish colonial buildings to French and Italian constructions, a plentiful cross-breed which Panama has kept secret.

If Panama has been shaped by waves of migrant workers drawn from around the world by the canal, it still retains its Caribbean essence which is found in the gastronomy, the local accent and an inclination for an extraordinary party. Book a flight to Panama and discover an unknown city, at the crossroads of many influences, of which the isthmus joins Pacific and Caribbean in a unique cultural melting pot.