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Germany, a perfect symphony

In the heart of Europe, Germany has a remarkable diversity of landscapes. From the coastline of the Black Sea, to the Alps, by way of the Black Forest, the natural settings of Germany always prove to be exceptional. During any season, a holiday in Germany offers a wide range of activities and discoveries, from cultural and artistic heritage, to breathtaking landscapes and romantic walks.

A flight to Berlin, is to immerse oneself in the creative effervescence of one of the most cutting edge capital cities in Europe. You will be taken aback by its mind boggling architecture. Whilst taking a stroll on the Alexanderplatz, overlooked by the famous television tower, you will relive the charm of the films of Wim Wenders. The museum island with its 5 museums, boasts a unique panorama of international art. In this city charged with history, you will not want to miss an excursion to explore the Berlin wall ruins, with its colorful graffiti and the famous Checkpoint Charlie. Switch atmosphere with a plane ticket to Munich, a city in southern Germany renowned for its quality of life. Take it easy and stroll through the old district full of gothic charm. The Frauenkirche Cathedral commands spectacular views onto the Alps. The world famous beer festival (Oktoberfest), takes place at the end of September and is a rare opportunity to discover german conviviality by rubbing shoulders with locals during this traditional event.

A holiday in Germany is also the promise of discovering a wide variety of landscapes. Get on your bike and cycle down the romantic route! A family holiday in the Black Forest spells relaxation amongst such a rich natural setting. This area is also much appreciated by ski enthusiasts during winter. But the jewel in Germany’s heritage is located on the southern edge of Bavaria, perched on the summit of a rocky spur: the Neuschwanstein castle, an extravagant architectural wonder which actually inspired Walt Disney for his design of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Majestic.