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French Guiana


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French Guiana, a piece of France in latin America

A land of contrast, french Guiana is a choice destination for those who enjoy nature and exotic scenery. The second largest region of France as it is known, blends modernity and the natural world. With its space center, it is at the height of modernity but is also a haven for eco-tourism.

With its mild climate year round (excepting rain season from April to August), visiting Guiana is a joy for those who enjoy eco-tourism and nature reserves. The region boasts 6 national nature reserves, including the Kaw-Roura swamps, which are accessible by waterway. The Trésor nature reserve is a little more accessible and invites the visitor on guided boat tours to admire the richness of its tropical flora and fauna.

Occupied from the 17th century onwards by the french, Guiana has a long history of being used as a penal colony. The îles du Salut preserve tangible traces of this history and the traveler can visit the Guiana prisons. Another high point of your visit, the Guiana Space Center should peak the interest of science and adventure enthusiasts alike. Guided tours allow you to discover the history behind this european space center, which launches around ten space crafts into orbit each year. If you happen to be in Guiana during a launch, seeing a rocket take off from the jungle is an unforgettable spectacle!

A trip to Guiana would not be complete without seeing its superb tropical beaches! For example, the Hattes beach is also the site where the imposing luth turtles lay their eggs between February and July. The capital Cayenne, is a fascinating melting pot of cultures, between France, Brazil, Africa and Asia. A guaranteed change of scene awaits you in the old district or around the market stalls of the Victor Schoelcher square. Mother nature is never too far away in Guiana, so Cayenne is also surround by superb beaches such as Rémire-Montjoly, as well as hiking trails which allow you to admire the richness of the tropical forest.