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Colombia, between the Andes and the Caribbean

Fascinating destination, the land of 'magic realism' is an immense country which abounds with possibilities and options for travelers. From caribbean beaches to the spectacular Andes, a trip to Colombia will exceed all your expectations. This destination epitomizes the richness of L atin America.

If you yearn for idyllic paradisiacal beaches, Colombia is the ideal destination! The archipelago of San Andres, some 700 kilometers from the coast, boasts archetypal caribbean beaches, with turquoise blue water, white sands and coconut trees. Try scuba diving in the world’s second largest corral reef! Easily accessible, the fishing villages of the caribbean coastline such as Tayrona or Taganga, are enchanting settings.

A trip to Colombia would not be complete without visiting Carthagena… This enchanting vibrant colonial city has always been the source of fascination and for good reason! Take a stroll in the old quarter, with its  colorful facades and its  charming picturesque squares… it easy to see why the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez made this his home. It is in Carthagena that he wrote some of the most beautiful pages of latin american literature. Also on the caribbean coast, a trip to Barranquilla offers the chance in February to discover one of the most vibrant carnivals of the continent and to experience the rhythm of the cumbia.

Whilst Colombia lounges gracefully along the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, its lively Andean heritage is upheld around it’s cities. The capital Bogota, welcomes you into an impressive atmosphere in the heart of the Andes. The nearby city of San Gil is a destination of choice for mountain sports enthusiasts. Finally, schedule a stop in Medellin to take in the unique magic of Colombia: this modern  and vibrant city is a warm and pleasant destination.