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Cayenne, between the coast and the Amazon rainforest

Cayenne, a multicultural city, welcomes you on the border of the Amazon forest for a trip offering a total escape! Booking a flight to French Guiana will allow you to discover a territory that is endearing, exotic and unforgettable, the meeting place of France and South America.

Slice of France, between Brazil and Suriname, French Guiana has managed to develop an incredible cultural richness. Enhancing its multiple roots, Cayenne is a capital on a human scale. The administrative centre of French Guiana contains a third of the population of this immense overseas region, in an exotic mix of modernity and tradition, between tropical forest and the space centre of Kourou.

Your airline ticket to Cayenne will allow you to take stock of the Guianese capital as you make your way to Palmists Square: welcoming and colourful, it comes to life at the end of the afternoon to become the epicentre of the local social life. You can sample Creole culinary specialities there as well as delicious exotic fruit juices.

You will find it is also on Palmists Square that the main cultural events of Cayenne take place, such as the carnival. The festivities, which extend over more than a month from January to February, give pride of place to disguises and masks that the Touloulous wear, the Guianese women with such magnificent costumes. The parades and the floats, as well as the enthusiastic participation of the population, will make the carnival of Cayenne a memorable experience in your trip!

Make the most of your flight to Cayenne by stopping on Amandiers Square. A true haven of peace in the middle of the city, its panorama overlooking the sea and its tranquillity make it an essential stopping point to admire the setting of the sun.

The booking of an airline ticket to Cayenne will also plunge you into the lush nature of French Guiana. Allow yourself to be seduced by its wild coastline, with its endless beaches and its mangrove forests.